In combat, Shattered form into combat groups called Nodes, with each Node tasked with specific duty. Each group is in turn formed of units of similar categories of Mirrs that share identical functions, unless other combat organization is required by circumstances. There are many different kinds of walkers used by the Shattered.

The most common in the Shattered forces is the reconnaissance and light assault group called the Scout/Claim/Secure Node, whose functions fully correspond to its name. These rapid deployment teams usually include five to ten Mirrs and are tasked with reconnaissance, capturing of energy sources, data and prisoners, and rapid response to enemy incursions. While the Shattered are not a bloodthirsty race, SCS Nodes are fast in arriving on intruder’s dropsites and usually the first to cover the planet’s crust with the unwanted guests’ blood.

In reconnaissance and skirmish missions a SCS Node is usually lead by a Coordinator, a military command walker that carries enhanced communications and combat hardware. Most common combat Mirrs in such Nodes are the universal Crawlers, small and agile robots capable of both combat and peaceful operations depending on their load out. Technical walkers called Relays usually join squads of Crawlers or other battle walkers, lending them and the whole group precious support.

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