Life in the Enigma sector is hard for Humans. Alien wildlife likes the taste of tender Human flesh. Many humans that were too broken by the Collapse and its aftermath resorted to inexplicable violence. All this could be far worse if not for Militia sheriffs. These brave men, embodiments of law, together with Constables at their side, bring swift and harsh justice to those who don’t want to follow Alliance’s rules or, in case of local predators, to those unfortunate enough to treat Humans as a weakest link in the food chain. Sheriffs are held in high esteem in their communities, are endowed with vast competence and executive power, and often help to peacefully resolve disputes between colonists acting as impartial mediators.

At the same time Sheriffs are usually the only members of colonial authority with substantial combat experience, since many of them participated in the civil war that shook the Alliance for several months. If colonial Militia is called to fight, it usually falls on the Sheriffs’ shoulders to lead them against anything threating the colony, be it beast, alien or man.

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