Most colonists love Tesla&Hansen TH-6 MagCarbines for their reliability and high rate of fire. These guns are relatively chip and easy to manufacture, and are easy to maintain in any environment.

Those who prefer the concept of “one shot – one kill” choose to apply for rarer and expensive TH-8 or similar MagRifles instead. They are heavy and not very well balanced, and some Gunners require special exoarm supports to properly use these rifles. Besides, these guns need 10 to 12 seconds to cool down between shots. To compensate this, they pack a mean punch and, with proper skill, allow for high precision shots.

Only the best colonial shots are given MagRifles as a weapon of choice, and such Sharpshooters as they are called saved countless colonists by eliminating armored beasts before they approached lightly armed Gunners or removing leaders of raiding gangs before they could hide behind warm bodies of their followers. During the Conflict sharpshooters sometimes were the only troopers to actually cause any casualties during skirmishes. For their deadliness they were quickly nicknamed “Officers’ Bane”.

At present such specialists are greatly valued by Militia commanders and could often be found fighting alongside Gunner teams providing much-needed accurate long-ranged support.

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