By the age of 16 every colonist, male or female, is expected to know how to use the trusty Magnetic Carbine – the standard self-defense weapon of FALCON Militia for the last 50 years. From that age every colonist is called for a year-long duty in colonial Militia.

Once this term expires, the colonists are free to either return to their civil duties or to remain in the Militia on a constant basis. Those who choose to work in the fields, at terraforming complexes, or to follow any other civilian profession instead of staying with the Militia may again be called into service should the need arise. Without proper military training, many units of special weapons or sophisticated armor, Gunners are far from ideal soldiers. Usually they are an unruly lot that can however be shaped into something resembling a proper fighting force by local Sheriffs.

Despite that, every Militia member is ready to die for his home, for these men and women of Human colonies are the first and the last line of defense protecting their beloved ones from external (or internal) threats.

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