Automated Kinetic Turrets

AKTs originated from kinetic engineering equipment that was used to remove debris and vegetation during construction of settlements. At one point, the system was successfully tested versus local wildlife, proving that a kinetic push capable of sending a predator flying to its doom from a cliff (or into a cliff) was no less threatening than a well placed hit from a MagCarbine.

Modified for military use, AKTs of today are a recent and valuable addition to Militia arsenal. Relatively small and light-weight, they are carried into battle and deployed by two Militia soldiers each and can be used both as a stationary perimeter defense weapon (with proper AI programming in place) and as a support gun for Militia patrols.

Modular structure of AKTs allows colonists to quickly remove non-lethal Kinetic modules which can stun enemies with gravitonic blasts or push them across the battlefield and refit the weapons with many other kinds of weaponry available for FALCON, for example with a MAG-48 MagAuto rapid-firing gun.

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