The Priest 

Sometimes, when the Cult needs additional enforcement of belief, or when another planet is ready to host a new settlement and there is not enough Priests there, a Sleeper regains full consciousness, but with no memories of his or her former life. The Guardian inside forges a particularly strong bond with the host’s brain and nervous system, allowing it to literally speak from the mouth of the host. Such individuals are considered to be prophets or priests of the Dragons. Living amongst humans, Priests ensure that “proper” beliefs and the Cult’s order of life are fully enforced, renegade elements are contained and growth cycles of symbiotes remain unhindered. Each major settlement is likely to have at least several Priests holding diligent watch over the population.
In campaigns, Priests lead Cult forces (usually the Crypt Keepers militia squads) into battle, acting as relays for the will of the Triumvirate, the ruling trio of High Priests presiding over the Cult, and local planetary councils. They can also trigger extreme and rapid mutations in other symbiotes, such as Sleepers and Awakened, by psychically forcing the Guardians inside to prematurely trigger next evolutionary cycles. Nothing surprises an enemy more than a unit of shambling Sleepers busting into rabid Awakened in a matter of several minutes.

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