When in need, most powerful Priests are able to telepathically reach for adult worms that already retreated underground and call them to join the combat. Bursting from below the ground, these colossal creatures throw around both infantry and other monsters, overturn vehicles and swallow whole or tear apart anything not made of hard metallic or crystal alloys, making them a valuable ambushing and assault asset for Cult forces.
However, a Dragon does not have the self awareness or psychic presence of a symbiote, and death of the Priest that summoned it may result in loss of control over the giant worm, since in this ultimate stage of development, in absence of the host’s mental capacity, reason and logic, it reverts to animalistic behavior. Should a controlling Priest fall, and no other psychically powerful Guardian be present to take command of the Cult forces, the Dragon may decide to wander off or attack the enemy at its own will which, in absence of a Priest’s guidance, may result in the Dragon accidentally attacking the Cult forces, tearing the possessed with the same efficiency as their enemies moments ago.

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