Terror Master 

It takes a lot of skill to track a Ku’Ra beast in its natural habitat. It takes even more skill, together with some luck, to kill one, especially in one-on-one combat. And it takes years of patient and extremely dangerous taming to ride one, thanks’ to the beast’s awful temper and constant hunger. Even when born in captivity, these fearsome mounts retain their innate bloodlust.
Terror Masters are senior Hunters who dedicated their lives to taming various dangerous predators, both native to Brakkan worlds and completely alien for the race. While there are dozens of beasts that were broken into submission by these valuable specialists, Ku’Ras remain the most common, with their pens located on almost every Brakkan world.
During initiation hunts, Terror Masters accompany chosen young Hunters who showed affinity and will to follow the path of beast taming. The main job of a Terror Master is to ensure that his protégées properly learned how to handle their mounts, and how good they became with tracking, capturing and dominating local hostile wildlife.
Activating his terror projector, a Terror Master is capable of sending forth waves of force that causes unexplicable dread in its targets that disorients predators and break their will to fight. The same projectors can be used to scare more civilized enemies from their defended positions, which could turn a brave last stand to a complete rout.
As an alternative to using the terror projector, the Terror Master may divert power from it to an absorption field generator. Once activated, the generator surrounds him and his unit in a flickering energy shield capable of halting several projectiles until the charge runs out.

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