Sky Master 

One of the several high-tech additions to the traditional hunt that quickly became a staple in hunting parties all over the Empire are the Sky Masters with their remotely controlled drones. Each such drone is a small aircraft in the shape of a bird of prey native to the Brakkan home world that is controlled by one of the senior Hunters (usually female) and is sent to gather intelligence on the prey and hunting conditions. Should it be necessary, the drone can engage the prey or enemy in combat with it’s under slung stun gun, blind the target with its stroboscopic projector or simply self-destruct next to it, showering it in white-hot shrapnel and an EMP burst. Many young cubs were saved thanks to drones timely delivering vital info and thwarting enemy traps and ambushes. Each drone controller is followed in the hunt by a group of Hunters who wish to learn the art of supporting combat, reconnaissance and ranged offence.

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