Each hunting party is lead by a Master Hunter, a seasoned warrior that oversees the initiation rites and ensures minimum casualties are suffered by the younglings. His yet another important role is to keep younglings in check, since in their blossoming aggression they can become uncontrollable and can be killed in reckless attacks. Armed with almost the same equipment as a cub, each Master Hunter killed dozens of deadly animals and vicious predators, and likely participated in confrontations with local sentient species.
Apart from wielding Sikatars in an extremely deadly fashion, the Master Hunter keeps constant contact with the vessel that brought the party to the planet and remains in stealth in orbit or hidden on the planet’s surface, ensuring timely extraction of the party, if it is needed.
Also, it is the Master Hunter who decides if the traps prepared by the team are ready to be triggered, causing whole forest segments or ruined settlements to turn into a killing field with a single push of a button.

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