Hunting trial is the most common way in which a young Brakkan of any sex can win its citizenship and become a full-fledged member of the society. Usually it is the male cubs who choose the hunt, however females can sometimes also be seen amidst the Hunters. Brakkan hunting parties number between twelve and thirty Hunters, and this number is rarely exceeded, both because of tradition and safety reasons – a Master Hunter is an experienced warrior, but even he cannot simultaneously supervise too many aggressive and predatory younglings. Sometimes however several different hunting parties aggregate on the same proving grounds, if the prey is too large (or dangerous, or numerous) for a single party to successfully overcome without unneeded losses.
A Brakkan cub that undergoes the initiation rites is usually twenty five to thirty human years old and is higher, stronger and faster that an average human of that age. With sharp eyesight and yet sharper feline reflexes, a single Hunter can pose a threat to a whole settlement, should it be chosen as hunting grounds. What use is there for bullets when the target can easily disappear in shadows and within seconds decapitate the shooter from an opposite side with a well-aimed throw of a Sikatar.
In order to fully profit from their innate reflexes and agility, Hunters wear lightweight leather-and-mesh armor. Communication devices are strapped to their paws that allow them to exchange data during the hunt. Cubs usually carry at least three or four Sikatars in holsters strapped to their backs or thighs, so that they do not run out of weapons and always have a blade to rely upon as a last resort. Should a Sikatar be absent for whatever reason, a Hunter is fully capable of crafting a simple weapon using the present resources, or simply tearing off the prey’s head, if it gives the Hunter such an opportunity.

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