Hunting parties, which were the first Brakkan forces that humans encountered in the Enigma sector, are formed when enough male (and sometimes female who prefer this kind of initiation rite) cubs are ready to pass the final initiation test. Boarding on small vessels sheathed in stealth fields, hunting parties depart to far-fetched worlds, there to engage local predatory wildlife in ritual combat. Three rules are supposed to be observed:
1) The prey must be fully capable of killing the hunter in one-on-one combat.
2) The hunt must take place in the prey’s natural environment.
3) The killing must be made with the traditional Brakkan weapon, “Sikatar”, that remained almost unchanged throughout the Empire’s history –a boomerang that can be used as a lightweight axe in melee, should a close quarter engagement be inevitable or preferred.
Unfortunately, representatives of sentient races that colonize planets outlying Brakkan worlds sometimes eradicate what seemed for them to be excessively dangerous local predators. As a result, they often find themselves in the role of the hunted. The logic is simple for Brakkans – if the new inhabitants of a planet were capable of beating the beasts, it makes them a perfect target for Brakkans as the ultimate prey of their initiation.
Despite multiple diplomatic treaties, representatives of neighboring races often find themselves in danger of these Brakkan traditions, if they unknowingly colonize or even visit common Brakkan proving grounds.

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