Battlefields of Enigma Sector

In Forge of Destiny, forces clash on various fields of battle, from frozen ice plains of Freya, where cold could kill faster than a blade, to deadly hot volcanic regions of Pompeii where pre-historic reptiles find their home. Lush green forests of Thorn, desolated ruins of Tombstone – all these alien worlds and scenes saw blood spilt and heroes emerge.

FoD battlefield is divided into squares that integrate various types of cover and terrain features, including elevation, all this without the need for the gamers to purchase additional terrain while still enjoying the tactical aspects. The ability to control the vantage points of the battlefield and skillful maneuver through terrain is a key to dominating the battlefield and ultimate tactical supremacy. Moreover, battlefields belong to different climatic zones with specific terrain, landscape and weather conditions that provide players with a wide variety of gameplay set-ups that make each FoD game a different experience.

Here are the desciption of some of these planets: