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Welcome to the website dedicated to Forge of Destiny, our new sci-fi miniatures wargame! Here you will find game and armies lore, arts, renders, pictures, as well as other content dedicated to the game. Also, forums are available for you to express your opinions and share your suggestions. We are open for any feedback or ideas that you may have!

When bullets ricochet from stones behind which soldiers are cowering in terror. When towering monsters drop dead, riddled with holes and plasma burns. When lightning-fast charges topple skillfully placed gunlines, washing fortifications red with blood. When orders barked through comms are unable to break through the cacophony of battle. In each such situation, a single action, be it a glorious last stand, a noble sacrifice or a skillful headshot can change the course of combat. Forge of Destiny is the game in which EVERY ACTION COUNTS.

Fast, brutal and deep in tactical possibilities, FoD is played with 32 – 35 mm metal miniatures on a randomly generated battlefield, providing players with endless options. With the majority of units and models having only a single wound, generals included, the game is both aggressive and rewarding. Battles in FoD can easily be scaled from a small skirmish to a full-scale engagement without adding any extra sophisticated game rules.

Latest News

Print and Play!

Greetings, friends! We are happy to announce that Print and Play version of Forge of Destiny is available for download! Click on “More” to see link to downloads page!More >>

Rules are here!

Greetings, friends! Today we want to share with you rulebook and armylists for all currently available races. We are looking forward to your comments and feedback! Click on “More” to see link to downloads page!  More >>

Site Renovation

Greetings, friends! We have updated the Factions section with the information about all the available Units and added Starters for all the Factions into the Gallery. Enjoy!More >>
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